Marietjie Cilliers



Marietjie has a passion for people and for health care. With God as her foundation in everything she has managed to build a strong practice, focussed on great, friendly service.

Over the last few years she has continued to push herself professionally and have strived to increase her knowledge.

She completed her second postgraduate qualification at the end of 2017 which now allows her to manage eye infections with the relevant eyedrops and antibiotics where needed. In 2018 she wrote her first book for eyecare professionals based on disease management protocols, and it has been very successful in the industry. When she is not in practice, she spends her time teaching at conferences and doing training workshops to help improve the level of eyecare standard across South Africa.

She specialises in contact lenses, eye trauma, ocular infection management and dry eye disease. For any questions, praises, complaints or assistance you can reach Marietjie at or for afterhours assistance visit our facebook page at and leave us a message

Hope to see you in the office soon